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Aviary, Mobile Photo Editor, Available to Embed in Apps

September 14, 2011

I use Photoshop on the images I crank out of my DSLR (a Nikon D80) by the dozens. A few simple tools – such as cropping, fixing lighting, dialing up the colors, and sharpening – can take an average photo look ten times better in just five minutes. I sometimes snap photos with my cell phone, too, but they’re universally awful. What I really need is a simple photo editor on my phone that can do those things.

Apparently, Aviary isn’t going to make an app for me to do that. But they will make a toolset that many different app-makers can embed, via a software development kit (or SDK), into their own applications. This article, “Aviary, Photoshop of The Mobile World, Democratizes Photo Editing,”  in Fast Company ( discusses Aviary and its product. According to the article, “That means every app maker, regardless of size and resources, now has access to embeddable tools that allow them to compete against the largest giants of the photo-sharing space.” (italics are mine.)

The article is short, and really at this point there’s not a lot to talk about. There don’t appear to be any applications using yet (it was only released today), but there are some pictures of an interface (an example, I would suppose), and the product seems very promising. The existence of this product is encouraging, and the article is worth a quick look.


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