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Five Technologies Jason Can’t Wait For

September 16, 2011

TechRepublic has been  publishing excellent technical, business and management/leadership content for many, many years. Jason Hiner (@JasonHiner on twitter) is one of their most accomplished authors, and I’ve consistently enjoyed his content. The linked article, Five Future Technologies I Can’t Wait For, is a good read for several reasons.

You might expect an article named for future technologies to be about distant and amazing technology, like maybe transporter beams, or 80 bazillion petaflop CPU’s, or cold fusion. If you did, though, you’d be disappointed in this article. Jason dials in on five specific, realistic, predictable and useful technologies that should generally see commercial production in the next three to five years. His five brass rings are:

  • Wireless device docking
  • Ubiquitous mobile broadband
  • 3D Printing
  • Effective HTML5 driven web applications
  • Flexible OLED displays.

It’s actually kind of refreshing to see a vision of the future that is more insightful than hyped. And these five technical milestones will noticeably influence business and personal computing in the next few years. The article is worth a look, but so also is keeping an eye on other content from TechRepublic and Hiner.

TechRepublic can be found at, or @techrepublic on twitter. You may need to register to reach full article text in some cases. The content is well worth the registration. If you don’t already make use of TechRepublic, I strongly recommend it.


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