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Information Technology as a Commodity

October 5, 2011

Today’s article of interest is ‘Industrialized’ IT Services Are the Future: Gartner,’ by Stuart Johnston on Datamation has been a favorite source of information about computers, information science and technology since I was in college. An adviser at the University of Arizona, Professor James LaSalle, recommended it as a key source on information science. Today, as then, Datamation is a great place to find news and information about the field. The author, Stuart Johnston, can be reached at @stuartj1000 on twitter.

‘Industrialized’ IT Services Are the Future: Gartner discusses a Gartner analysis of the IT Industry. According to the article, Gartner has determined that the future of Information Technology is the provision of low cost “commodity” style services, such as email. These services are labeled “low-cost IT services (ILCS).” [excerpts from the article are in italics, and all italics are mine]

The article goes on to note “ILCS is the replacement of more costly, less standardized IT services with industrialized outsourced or virtualized services with little customization and lower prices per user in order to deliver IT to businesses at more reasonable rates.

If, as Gartner predicts, ILCS ultimately becomes 30% of the IT services market, then these commodity services should become a significant sector in the IT market. Gartner doesn’t always get it right, but I personally suspect they’re onto something with this analysis. The article is worth a look.

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