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What IS Social Media About?

October 9, 2011

Today’s note discusses a blog post on the Bundlepost blog, titled “Social Media is Not About You.”  Authored by Robert Caruso, @fondalo on twitter, BundlePost is a content management tool and a wordpress blog. Robert has a practical, down-to-earth sense of things that his posts and tweets reflect. He also possesses a fine sense of etiquette, and it is that quality that this post showcases.

Caruso offers four key points of etiquette:

  • Don’t over-sell
  • Don’t pester people to act on your content
  • Be an asset to others
  • Focus on establishing relationship, and let the benefits follow that.

Those all seem like good advice to me. But what really resonates is the notion of building relationships. If you don’t harness the power of social networks to make and grow relationships, you’re just squandering that power. If you want to truly influence people, start by becoming a trusted member of their network. For me, that is one of the most rewarding aspects of networking.

Caruso sums his post up by telling us “So remember… Social Media is NOT about YOU. It’s about your audience. What they do. What they are interested in. Building a relationship with them.” [italics are mine, and denote a quote from the post or article.] We will all be wise to mind this guidance.

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  1. Great advice. It amazes me how many so called ‘experts’ don’t get it Ric

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