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Quick Highlight: Facebook, Trade Secrets and Your Data

October 13, 2011

Let’s continue our series of shorter highlights with a discussion of “Facebook: Releasing your personal data reveals our trade secrets,” by Emil Protalinski on Protalinksi reports on attempts by users to utilize Britain’s Data Protection laws to get a copy of their personal information from Facebook. Apparently, according to the article, Facebook has stalled or limited some data requests, claiming that such a release might reveal trade secrets.

The article summary notes: “Facebook says it is not required to give you a copy of some of your personal data as it could adversely affect the company’s trade secrets and intellectual property.” [italics represent quotes from the article, and all throughout the article have been added by me]

Interestingly, the article tells us there is a group named “Europe versus Facebook,” which has leveled a number of complaints against Facebook involving security, privacy and just general good sense. While unsurprising, the article is interesting even if its issues are most relevant to Europe. According to, Emil Protalinski has covered the tech industry for five years for multiple publications and is reachable at @emilprotalinski on Twitter. Bon Apetit.


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