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Quick Highlight: is the Latest Entry in Reputation Monitoring

October 19, 2011

Today’s note is an article in The article, by Jason Del Ray, informs us that, the well known URL shortening site, is entering the online reputation management space.

It seems there are already numerous entries in the reputation measurement market. Companies such as and already provide services such as this. seems to be focused on high level business sentiment monitoring rather than individual consumers. The article notes:

With the reputation-monitoring tool, Bitly enters an already crowded field. But the 3-year-old company’s advantage is that it’s sitting on a trove of social-sharing data thanks to its position as one of the most popular URL shorteners. Andrew Cohen, Bitly’s general manager, says that Bitly shortens 80 million URLs a day and tracks 8 billion clicks a month. [all italics are added by me, and denote quotes from the article]

It should be interesting to see if’s new angle on reputation monitoring catches on. They seem to have focused on a unique niche:

“There are plenty of great clipping services that tell you what incredibly damaging thing was said yesterday on Facebook,” he added. “That’s very different from our product. Amid all the noise out there, our product gives you a ranked list of stories and says, here’s the thing that will go viral over the next 24 or 48 hours. That’s what you should be looking at as a brand. We want to tell you about this before it ends up on the front page of CNN.”

It seems to me that has done a good job of carving out a niche that leverages their data store, but also one that is bound to appeal to organizations. More importantly, it’s a product that I think most organizations can understand. In an time when companies are just beginning to get a feel for social media and what it can and can’t do, has positioned this offering pretty well. It will be interesting to see how it works out. I recommend the article.


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