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Quick Highlight: Ford Technology

October 22, 2011

Today’s Note Quick Highlight is the blog post title  “Ford connecting cars to cloud-based apps” on The post was made by Lucas Mearian on October 19th, 2011.

The interesting thing about this post is the strategic vision Ford is adopting. Essentially, Ford is saying that by the time it get’s a car to market, the fun and gadgety technology in it is just about obsolete. And an automobile’s technology is certainly obsolete long before the car’s useful life is over. So instead, Ford intends to focus on connectivity for smart devices, such as tablets and phones. That inter-operability will ensure that the auto’s technology remains relevant much longer.

The key passage from the article is:

Prasad pointed out that interactive touch displays in today’s vehicles — even those using integrated chip technology — are based on the auto industry’s 10-year development cycles, meaning the estimated time a car will be on the road. So oftentimes. the technology available when a person buys a car is outdated.

Therefore, Ford believes that investing in embedded technology today may not be as fruitful in the long term as putting money into building network interface and hardware connectivity technology that would allow communication between next-generation tablets and smart phones and vehicles, Prasad said. [italics, as always, are added by me to denote quotes from the post]

It’s a decent post that’s worth a read if you like cars, technology or Ford.

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