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Quick Highlight: Medieval Marketing

October 23, 2011

Grant McCracken’s “Medieval Marketing” post on’s blog page is probably the funnest and most interesting article I’ve highlighted, yet. Medieval Marketing is, at its heart, about making messages interesting, challenging and complex.

McCracken uses numerous examples to lure the reader into his thesis, and links to this hidden logo page when talking about the Fedex logo. He discusses other examples in this passage:

The medieval world took for granted that the universe was filled with secret messages, placed there by God and the correspondences on which the world was built. What did not come from God or nature was made by man in the form of emblems, icons, and insignia insinuated into public life. The home of Sir Francis Bacon was covered with arcana. Only people with a keen eye and a university education could make sense of it. [italics are mind and denote an article excerpt]

McCracken’s ideal of communication is cerebral, challenging, engaging, indirect, and alluring. His blog post is a fun and interesting read and well worth your time.


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