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Quick Highlight: Black Friday Ads

November 8, 2011

Most of Today’s Notes are about technology topics. I saw an article on about Black Friday advertisements being leaked, and decided it might make a more interesting topic today. The post, “Leaked Black Friday ads fail to impress,” by Melinda Fulmer on MSN, is a bit disparaging of this year’s Black Friday ads.

Fulmer has this to say about the cross-section of this year’s ads that have been leaked thus far:

It seems retailers are determined to tease shoppers with little glimpses of what they will be offering 2½ weeks from now, while simultaneously promoting earlier sales. Indeed, some of these early sales are offering bargains to rival previous Black Friday sales, including Best Buy’s Friday-Saturday Sale this weekend

Apparently, though, not everyone is releasing all their information up front:

However, the ad didn’t include the items that lure most shoppers to Sears, such as tools, washers and dryers, and other big electronics. For now, Sears is holding those deals close to the vest.

The post also includes some links to Black Friday sites that are useful. It’s an interesting peek at this year’s Christmas sale landscape. Take a look.


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