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Generic Products and Self-Esteem

November 11, 2011

This Note is about “Why Generic Products Can Make You Feel Bad About Yourself” in The article is authored by Heidi Grant Halvorson, and is an interesting look at how behaviors can very depending on conditions like whether a person is using a brand-name or generic product while exhibiting the behavior.

The article describes the following experiment:

In another study, men were given a cell phone so that they could call a woman they had just been introduced to and ask her on a date. When they tried to use the phone, they discovered that the battery had died, and were given either a brand-name replacement or a cheaper generic cell phone battery.  Men who used the generic battery later rated themselves as significantly less attractive than brand-name battery users, and felt that they had a lower sense of self-worth. [italics are mine]

Perhaps the moral of that story is that you should use an expensive phone to ask women out. OK, maybe not. But article is very interesting, and worth a few minutes to read. Enjoy it.


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