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Quick Note: Storage Startups

November 28, 2011

Today’s Note is about “7 Hot Storage Startups to Watch” in The article spans seven pages, and includes a neat slidedeck summarizing each company.

With hard drive costs skyrocketing due to supply problems in Asia, and Cloud based services increasingly prevalent, innovative storage solutions have the potential to quickly gain traction in the marketplace.

The article notes:

Remember when terabytes seemed big? Well with the sheer amount of content being generated today enterprises are now starting to think in terms of petabytes. And the trouble has been that all this data is not only expensive to store but it’s getting more difficult to retrieve it from storage to servers on a timely basis. Thus, companies have been investing in technologies such as virtualization and cloud storage that can help them simplify their overall IT architecture, lower their costs and run their storage operations more efficiently. Deni Connor, the founding analyst at Storage Strategies Now, says that adapting to these trends is the goal of most cutting-edge storage companies on the market.  [italics are mine, and denote quotations from the article]

This is an interesting and worthwhile article. It is worth a few minutes of your time if you have an interest in local storage, cloud services or performance optimization you may find some useful material here.

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