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Quick Highlight: Novel Use for 3D Printer

November 29, 2011

Today’s Quick Note is an article about a novel use for a 3d printer. The article, which appears on, is titled “Surgeon Uses 3D Printer To Make Models Of Bone – And Saves Hospital Bookoo Bucks.”

The article discusses a surgeon’s innovative use of 3D printing technology to replace much more expensive and time consuming alternatives. To me, this kind of innovation really highlights the power of technology. Innovation doesn’t always involve lots of hype and drama, but instead ordinary people using new capabilities to make their own little corner of the world just a little better.

As the article’s author,Peter Murray , put it: the surgeon “didn’t invent anything, he just had the creativity to bring together existing technologies in a new way. What new uses and technologies are sitting under our noses right now, waiting for us to merge disparate instruments into a new, unitary whole. One thing’s for sure, we have a lot to work with.” [the italics are all mine and denote a quote from the article]

Take a quick look and be inspired!

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