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Bonus Quick Note: Google and TV Ad Revenue

January 10, 2012

Today’s Quick Note is “Google Joins With Cox in Quest to Sell TV Advertising” in The post, by Michael Learmonth (@learmonth on twitter), discusses Google’s deal with Cox Media. The deal will help Google build its portfolio of content for Google TV, potentially giving it valuable ad revenue. Learmonth sums up the meaning of the deal with this astute paragraph:

Google says its new deal gives it national reach of just over 40 million households in the U.S., about the size of a fledgling national cable TV network. After five years of effort, that number won’t impress anyone, but it’s significant given the hurdles Google has had to overcome. Think of it: Google powering the back end of TV advertising. For the networks, it’s a terrifying thought. But as viewers and networks fragment and multiply, and technology finally comes to TV advertising, it seems almost inevitable. One thing we know: Google’s going to keep trying. [italics are mine, and denote a quote from the orginal article]

The post is brief, but informative. If you have an interest in media content in alternative formats or carriers, this post is a quick and useful read.


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