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Quick Note: Brand Building

January 11, 2012

This Quick Note is about “10 Brand-Building Steps For Beginners” on The post is written by Francine Hardaway and appears on the FC Expert Blog. (Francine is @hardaway on twitter, and tells us: “Feel free to contact me. My contact information is all over the Internet because I want to be reached.“) [all italics throughout this post are mine, and are added to emphasize quotes from the post]

Hardaway tells us this is what her post is about:

“So you’ve made the resolution that in 2012 you are finally going to “get into” social media and use it to build a brand for you or your business. But you’re not a geek and you’re not with a big corporation that already has a social media team or a fairly savvy marketing department. For you, time is of the essence. You don’t have all day to give to this endeavor, which is why you haven’t done it already. So here’s what to do in 10 easy steps”

The rest of her post is comprised of her ten steps, and they are good advice. I won’t offer them here, as that would defeat the point of your reading the article. But I will offer a few quotes I thought expressed key points:

“Post only valuable content.”

“Be useful and be kind.”

“Do not hire a consultant who can’t tell your brand story accurately.”

And finally,

“keep the subject matter related to what you want your brand to be known for.”

The post is short but full of good insights. Enjoy it!

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