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Quick Note: Appifier turns WordPress sites into Mobile Apps

January 12, 2012

Today’s quick note covers a post on about Appifier, a service that turns your WordPress web site into a mobile application. The post can be found at “Appifier Launches New Service That Turns WordPress Sites Into Mobile Apps.

The notion of a service that can turn WordPress sites into mobile apps is very compelling. There are a ton of WordPress sites out there, and every business that hosts one is a potential customer and beneficiary of the ability to generate a mobile application that anyone can install on an iPhone. The entry costs are very minimal and functionality is reasonable, with more to come:

The apps are simple, with buttons for posts, categories and search, but they’re a heck of a lot prettier than WPTouch websites thanks to support for images, themes and other customizations. (It supports ads, too, if you must). Appifier will upgrade these customization options soon, in order to give designers even more control over the UI (user interface). All existing users will be upgraded for free.

And because the apps are native, the plan is to add support for more native features in the next update – like geolocation and text-to-speech, for example.

[the italics are all added by me, to emphasize quotes]

The post is brief, but a good take on the marketplace for this kind of service, and very informative. If you operate a WordPress site, you will want to take a look. Even if you don’t, you will want to take a look.


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