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Quick Note: Google+ to 90 million User Mark

January 21, 2012

This Quick Note discusses “Google+ Now Boasts 90 Million Users” on According to the article: “Actually, Google’s social networking platform had a very encouraging quarter, as CEO Larry Page announced yesterday that Google+ now boasts more than 90 million users worldwide, more than double the number of users it had in the previous quarter.” [all italics are added by me, and emphasize quotes from the article]

Google’s activity doesn’t come without some baggage. which the post also covers:

Google has been trying to heavily promote Google+ as a social networking alternative and has sparked controversy for its integration of Google+ results into its standard search results. Essentially, Google has added a personal search component to its traditional searches, so if you search for a particular topic on the search engine, you’ll also be given recent postings from your friends who have written about that topic on Google+. Twitter and other companies have accused Google of using their search engine power to unfairly promote their own social networking content at the expense of others.

The article is a fast read, and worth a quick look.

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