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Quick Note: Google Privacy Policy

January 26, 2012

This “Super Quick Note” simply highlights an interesting article, “Google’s Privacy Update: What You Need to Know.” The article, by Kate Freeman, discusses an upcoming modification to Google’s privacy policy. The odds are that this change affects you in some way, given the breadth of Google services on the web, but as Freeman notes, the changes may not be immediately obvious: “Nothing will change tangibly on March 1 — Google products will all still look and function the same. Users can already share data across services such as Picasa andGoogle+.”  But, she also notes “But the new privacy rules give the company leeway to combine your Google products in cool ways in the future.”  [for the record, all italics are added by me to quotes pulled directly from the post]

This is a short but informative post and is worth a quick read whether you use many of Google’s products or not. I strongly suggest a quick read.

The author, Kate Freeman, is a member of the Mashable staff, and can be found on twitter at @KateFreeman415 .

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