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Quick Note: Netflix Business Woes

January 29, 2012

Today’s Note features an article in titled “Netflix Discovers It Has a Marketing Problem.” As you might expect, the article highlights one of Netflix’ recent business blunders. The introductory paragraph of the article sums it up nicely: “Adage reports that Netflix is replacing its chief marketing officer Leslie Kilgore. You don’t say? I’m nearly as surprised as I was when yesterday was Thursday. Netflix’ marketing was nothing short of disasterous last year.” [all italics are mind, and denote a quote from the article]

The author, Mat Honan, explains ” it took one of the most-recognized brands in technology, split it in half, and renamed its main business after a foul-mouthed, dope-smoking kid on Twitter without ever bothering to secure the handle.

He goes on to explain “Worse, it didn’t gauge customer reactions before making big changes.

It’s a short, but interesting read.

  1. They just didn’t realize that people got mad about the tone of their letter telling us they were going to charge us more.

  2. Robert permalink

    Yeah, netflix made a boo boo. If they can step up customer service and offer extra value they could get out of the funk, but it’s a good time for other competition to step up.

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