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Today’s Note: More on Indianapolis Hosting the Superbowl

January 30, 2012

We are one week away from the Superbowl, and the media coverage is pretty dense. Apparently, that applies even to publications such as In this weekend’s edition, the article “Why Indianapolis is a Highly Desirable Super Bowl Host City” discusses Indianapolis as a host city.

The author, Patrick Rishe, covers a number of sports related topics for Forbes. Some weeks ago, Today’s Note discussed another of his pieces in  “How Much is That Ticket?” This article is also excellent.

Rishe starts by explaining that between hosting Final Fours and Indianapolis 500 races, the City has substantial experience handling high-attendance events. This is certainly true. As Rishe notes, “you can’t get much bigger than the Indianapolis 500. With over 257,000 seats at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and an estimated annual attendance of roughly 300,000, this is easily twice as large and perhaps closer to three times larger than the attendance for Super Bowl XLVI.” [all italics are added by me, and denote quotes from the article…links have also been preserved from the article]

He goes on to discuss the value of the downtown area, and its various attractions. Rishe summarizes those with these words “Once visitors arrive in downtown Indy, I can assure you that there is enough to do within Indy’s compact downtown and nearby outskirts to easily occupy and entertain one’s time for a 4-day Super Bowl weekend.” He goes on to provide numerous examples of dining and entertainment opportunities, which I will let you explore for yourself.

This article caught my eye because I used to live in Indy. Rishe’s take on the city being appropriate is right on, and his article is a short and pleasant read. I recommend it for a quick look.

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