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Bonus Quick Note: Do You Watch On-Line Video Content?

January 31, 2012

Today’s bonus note covers a very short post on that tells us that “Fifty-three percent of online Americans watch some form of streaming or downloaded video in the home.” [italics added by me]

The brief post uses only about one hundred words to summarize a study sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. The essence of the study appears to boil down to this:

Fifty-three percent of online Americans watch some form of streaming or downloaded video in the home, according to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association, or CEA.

Americans prefer streaming (51% of respondents) over downloaded content (15%), with those streaming also spending nearly double the time watching (two hours) as those who download.

Take a quick peek then leave a comment telling us whether you use internet streamed video.


  1. 53% sounds right . Can’t avoid Video with many articles today

  2. I watch a lot of streaming content each day, I think tho, that until they start making TV’s or cable boxes with built in web browsers, this activity will remain limited to techies.

  3. I use NetFlix and Youtube a LOT!

  4. Oh, and videos daily! 🙂

  5. For sure. I do not watch TV or pay for cable/satellite for over 10 years
    I watch or listen to podcast and movie sites on the web, I go to the movies a lot.

    I watch more content on youtube, netflix and sites alike specially since I got the Bell FIBE25 service at 25mb its been over a year now.

    One thing that is anoying lately is the increasing amount of publicity when you watch a video, I rather pay for a service where there are NO ads , maybe one days you tube and others will offer that.

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