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Quick Note: More ICD-10 Lobbying

February 2, 2012

In a recent Note we discussed the call by the AMA to delay or eliminate an industry-wide movement toward ICD-10 compliance (the current standard is ICD-9). In today’s a brief post titled “AHIMA: AMA Stance on ICD-10 Should Not Slow Down Work” appears. In brief, it notes the following:

With the American Medical Association ramping up its fight against the ICD-10 code sets by asking House Speaker John Boehner for assistance in stopping mandated implementation, the American Health Information Management Association is warning against slowing down compliance work.

[all italics are mine, added to call out quotes from the original article]

“If health care providers stop their ICD-10 planning and implementation now and wait to see if Congress will take action, they will not be ready in time for the compliance date,” Dan Rode, AHIMA vice president for advocacy and policy, says in a statement.

Stopping implementation work would result in severe financial losses for stakeholders who have been investing in ICD-10 compliance, Rode contends. He reminds stakeholders that physicians are not required to use the ICD-10-PCS procedure and treatment codes, but will continue using AMA’s CPT classification system. “The concern that physicians must use all the codes in the ICD-10-CM system is inaccurate,” he adds. “Like we use dictionaries to find specific words, practitioners use those codes that best fit their practice.”

It seems there is little consensus in the industry about what the best course of action is. This is a brief post, with not much value-add discussion or back-history. However, taken in the context of other articles, it may be useful. Recent Notes on this topic include:

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