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Today’s Note: Two Superbowl Notes

February 3, 2012
Superbowl XLVI Indianapolis

Today’s Note discusses two separate posts that cover this Sunday’s Superbowl. One, “Mobile Use to Soar During Super Bowl” on, discusses likely mobile device usage during the game. The second, “10 Business Lessons from the Super Bowl” on, features an interesting slide deck with some catchy sayings about Superbowl history that may be applicable to business.

The mediapost article, by Mark Walsh, really digs into the idea that people will be using a second screen to watch the game itself. In his words,

Nearly 60% of mobile phone users plan to look at or use their phones during this year’s Super Bowl, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive, commissioned by mobile marketing firm Velti. The finding underscores the broader shift toward two-screen viewing, with people turning to smartphones or tablets to augment traditional TV watching.

[all italics throughout this post are added by me, and emphasize quotes from the original articles]

The post is very interesting and has lots of facts in it. Some of particular interest include “Eight out of 10 viewers plan to use their mobile devices as much or more than they did during last year’s Super Bowl. About half of all viewers 18+ are expected to check their mobile phones 10 times more. Those ages 18-34 will do so at about twice that rate. Within that age bracket, 22% will use their phones more frequently during the 2012 Super Bowl.”

The post also features an interesting infographic, which I won’t display here, but that is definitely worth a look.

One aspect not really covered well by the post is the use of a mobile device for purposes other than a second screen. Presumably, viewers will use their devices to tweet or post on forums or Facebook, as well. I have to believe that the use of social media in conjunction with the Superbowl will explode compared to previous years, and there is no discussion of this in Walsh’s post at all. I am wondering what readers who plan to watch the game anticipate doing on their devices. For myself, I plan to check the twitter stream occasionally. I felt the playoffs were a fairly fun time to exchange messages with other users following the #NFL hashtag. What about you?

The second article was minimal, but included a fun slide deck. The slide deck isn’t incredibly impressive, but was fun, and only takes about 30 seconds to view. It was definitely in the spirit of the “Big Game.”

Finally, some recent Notes cover other aspects of the Super Bowl, and you might be interested to check out any of them:

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    I like Brady….but Eli’s Coming!

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