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Quick Note: Super (Bowl) Security

February 4, 2012

Today’s Quick Note continues the Super Bowl theme by covering “9 Security Technologies For Super Bowl And Beyond.” This feature, in, discusses physical security methods in use at large events, such as the Super Bowl. The article begins by introducing the tie-in between technology and physical security:

Securing a major sporting event can be a nerve-wracking task for public safety agencies. The threat of terrorism looms large, of course, but so do unexpected scenarios that can quickly spiral out of control, such as the Feb. 1 soccer riot in Cairo, Egypt that claimed the lives of more than 70 people.

Preparing for an event that draws tens–and sometimes hundreds–of thousands of often unruly fans requires a skillful blend of human and machine surveillance. Digital technology is increasingly playing a major role in sports security operations. 

[all italics added  by me, and show quotes from the article]

The article is authored by Jeff Bertolucci and appears in the Security section of the InformationWeek site. It’s interesting and worth a visit.

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