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Quick Note: Eli Manning

February 5, 2012
Superbowl XLVI Indianapolis

Today’s Quick Note continues our discussion of today’s Super Bowl. We have chosen the article “Eli Manning, Enduring Under Pressure” in today’s New York Times. [you can usually access these articles without a subscription, but the Times will redirect you to a paywall after a certain number of articles]

The article, by Sam Borden, comes to the point with this passage “until recently that word — tough — was not often associated with the older Eli Manning, the one who is the Giants’ quarterback. Running backs were tough. Linemen were tough. Big, burly quarterbacks who hobbled around on damaged ankles like Ben Roethlisberger were tough. Manning was not. Or so, at least, it seemed.” [all italics are added by me, and call out quotes from the article]

But, as Borden tells us, Manning has earned a reputation for toughness this season: “But, Simms continued, as the Giants weaved through this inconsistent season of failure and well-timed flourishing, Manning displayed grit that most Giants fans had not necessarily seen before.

The article closes with this interesting passage

“You can still talk about which quarterback is better or more talented,” Simms said. “But there is no question that Eli is tough. No question at all. That is another perception that he has just beaten down and gotten rid of. Whatever happens on Sunday, it’s gone.”

This is a very well-written and interesting article, and it profiles an aspect of the Giants’ quarterback you may not have been aware of. It is well worth a look.


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