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Today’s Quick Note: More Praise for Indianapolis as Super Bowl Host

February 8, 2012

Today’s Note discusses Forbes’ take on Indianapolis’ performance as the Super Bowl host city. The article, “Indianapolis Teaches Future Super Bowl Host Cities that Convenience is King,” by Patrick Rishe, evaluates Indy as a venue for major events, and gives the Circle City pretty good marks. Rishe starts his article by summarizing his evaluation of the venue:

I hate to say I told you so, but…

Indianapolis knocked it out of the park as host city for Super Bowl XLVI by most accounts…be it NFL executives, fans, corporate types in town for both business and pleasure.  You name it, they liked it.

[All italics are added by me to emphasize quotes from the article]

Rishe opines “let’s make no mistake about it, folks, Indy’s success as Super Bowl host was no Hail Mary fluke” and goes on to say, in a nice turn of words, “Its planning and execution was akin to the precision demonstrated by New England’s ending drive of the first half, the Patriots’ opening drive of the 2nd half, and New York’s Super Bowl winning drive which made Eli Manning the toast of Manhattan in the house built by brother Peyton’s successes as a Colt.

It is doubtless true that extraordinary planning went into Indy’s hosting effort. For example, two earlier Notes (Bonus Quick Note: Superbowl to Have a Social Media Command Center on January 23, 2012  and  Today’s Note: The Indianapolis Super Bowl’s Social Media Command Center, Debriefed on February 7, 2012 ) discussed the use of a “Social Media Command Center” by the host planners, surely a first and clearly an effective tool. Rishe, though, celebrates Indianapolis’ compact downtown, convenient facilities and excellent new stadium.

Indeed, this combination of features is what the city parlayed into recurring Final Four hosting engagements. Having attended a Final Four in Indianapolis, I can attest to the fact that the facilities, convenience and ambiance are exceptional. The package combines to yield more than just a game, but a true experience. While the Indianapolis 500 is no longer the month-long extravaganza it used to be, hosting an event that draws nearly half a million spectators will put a fine edge on a city’s ability to plan and execute a major event.

Rishe finishes his article with these thoughts: “One thing is for sure…Indianapolis’ hosting touchdown last week has certainly raised the crossbar for future Super Bowl host cities,” and projects a return of the Super Bowl to Indianapolis within five to seven years.  I highly recommend this article.

Rishe is a splendid writer, and his articles have been discussed in Notes before, notably in this post: How Much is That Ticket? on January 14, 2012. You can find Rishe’s work on, and follow him on that site.


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