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Quick Note: Roommate Management 101

February 10, 2012

Today’s Quick Note discusses a post on television station KVOA ( in Tucson, Arizona. The post, titled “UA student designs website for splitting the bill with roommates,” discusses a new product, Founded by University of Arizona business student Matthew Garten, zplit helps manage money collection and payout from roommates. The post tells us about the impetus for the idea:

Matthew Garten is like any other college student who dreads the monthly burden of money collection.

“I currently live in a six bedroom house and I run all the finances whether it be paying for our TV or paying for the electric bill. It’s always a problem collecting money from roommates and they are your friends and you don’t want to create internal problems in your house all because of the bills.”

[italicized material is excerpted from the KVOA post, and all italics were added by me]

The post is short, but embeds a clip of an interview with Garten. It’s an interesting idea, and the post is worth a quick look.

One Comment
  1. What great stuff the kids have available to today; back in the day, we had to talk this stuff out 😉

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