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Quick Note: The Tesla X Automobile

February 20, 2012

This Quick Note covers another post, titled “Tesla X will have two electric motors and beat a Porsche 911 to 60 mph.” Author Bill Howard tempts us with this description: “The next electric Tesla will be an SUV that will outrun a Porsche 911 to 60 mph, carry seven passengers, handle well in both rain and snow. The Tesla X gets its power from what it calls Dual Electric Motor AWD (all wheel drive), basically one motor each for the front and rear wheels, and a 60 or 85 kWh battery.

I am going to limit this note to some specific excerpts from the article itself. I think you will find that they cover the topic nicely:

  • The Tesla X gets its performance from the special nature of electric motors: They deliver maximum power (torque) immediately, from standstill. For the Tesla X, accelerating to 60 mph takes 4.4 seconds
  • The price of the Tesla X will probably be around $75,000. This hasn’t been exactly set yet, but the interest was high enough that $40 million in advance orders came in in just one day from 500 buyers. That’s despite the fact that delivery isn’t until early 2014
  • The most noticeable feature of the Tesla X is its top-hinged doors that open up, not out. Tesla calls them Falcon Doors
  • This Tesla will also have a 17-inch LCD touchscreen display in the center of the dash for controls, vehicle applications, and internet access. The 60 KWh battery is estimated to provide a 200-mile driving range, the 85 kWh batter about 300 miles

This is a very complete description of a very interesting automobile. Take a look!

  1. Indeed, a very sexy looking car to drive me around Gotham city.

    • Yah! And with 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, and range of 200 – 300 miles, you can get around a lot! Let me know if you put in an order 🙂

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