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Today’s Note: Social Relationship Management

February 22, 2012

Today’s Quick Note is about “Social Relationship Management…Is in Your Future” on The article discusses Jon Ferrara and his latest project, Nimble, a social relationship management tool. Written by  T. Scott Gross, the article is an interesting and forward-looking vision of social relationship management for business.

Gross sums up Ferrara’s place in the market this way:

Jon Ferrara is a genius… and a noticer.

The founder of GoldMine, the CRM system that was the hit of the 90’s, Ferrara noticed that CRM systems, his included, turned salespersons into data entry clerks. He also noticed that CRM systems seemed to focus more on generating reports than relationships. So Ferrara created Nimble with the express purpose of managing relationships rather than data.

[all italics are added by me, and denote quotations from the original article]

Nimble is an interesting tool that consolidates multiple social media streams into one centralized customer contact. It is aimed at helping individuals and teams manage business relationships using this unified data view. The article quotes Ferrara: “We bring it all together and create a single record that you can operate from. I can see their history. I know if they are following me and who they are following. I can send a message on the channel that the customer can hear me on. I can see who is talking about my product or services.  I can see who is saying what on our Facebook page.

Gross is a contributor at John Ferrara, Founder of Nimble, can be followed on Twitter at @Jon_Ferrara. Nimble is a fascinating application that can be found at, and followed at @Nimble on Twitter.

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