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Quick Note on Tech Talent

February 24, 2012

Today’s Quick Note is about “The War For Tech Talent: Genius Is Not Enough” in The article discusses issues related to technology talent recruiting. It is a very interesting article, and I highly recommend it.

The article gives us this glimpse of its mission

There is a war in the Valley – a war for talent. Technology companies are willing to go to battle offering dollars and perks to attract top talent. Social networking company Meebo has gone as far as offering $10,000 bonuses to any employees whose referrals lead to hiringJavaScript engineers. Talent poaching is happening at all levels, from technology giants like Facebook and Apple to small start-ups. Even behemothGoogle recently unveiled  a 10 percent overall salary increase in an effort to retain its employees. The battle makes sense considering that attracting top talent can change the trajectory of a company’s path and strengthen its future. But is the industry armed with the right weapons?

There is little doubt that recruiting and retaining top performers in the technology industry is more challenging than ever.  While there is a competitive hunt for talent, hiring candidates simply based on prestigious education or big name experience will ultimately fail. Employers must look beyond a candidate’s talent and consider if a person would be a cultural fit. But in many organizations culture is neither meticulously developed nor defined in the recruiting process.

[all italics are mine, and denote quotes from the article]

Author Daniel Saks also focuses on the cultural aspects of recruiting, emphasizing the value of finding fit to bolster morale and retention: “Focusing on cultural fit versus resume strength, not only benefits the company, but it also attracts employees who want to work for a company that focuses on the bigger picture, by securing long term talent and sending any talent poachers running to the hills.” I recommend investing 5 minutes to digest this very useful and insightful short article.


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