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Quick Note: Digital Brand Building Tip

March 1, 2012

Today’s Quick Note covers an article in Advertising Age’s digital edition at The online post, titled “Five Important Social-Media Tips to Boost Your Brand,” addresses several key elements of building a brand online using social media tools. This post is brief, succinct and useful. content doesn’t get a lot of play in the usual social media circles. You won’t see many of their articles referenced on mashable or techcrunch. But they generate incredibly pointed content that’s relevant to advertising, branding and media. I find that the most interesting portion of the site is the digital tab off the main menu.

This post concentrates on five key questions:

  • Are brand pages worth the trouble?
  • Should you buy “likes?”
  • Is building a Facebook app worthwhile?
  • What, if any, vendor or product should brands use to manage their public face online?
  • How do you respond to negative engagement online?

These five topics are simple, but extraordinarily useful, and are handled with straightforward and relevant business reasoning, meaning nothing that sounds like it came out of a fluffy “social media consultant’s” playbook.

For example, here is the post’s take on brand pages:

The short answer is yes, but since there’s an ever-increasing supply of social-media real estate, the challenge is figuring out what’s brand-relevant. For instance, Tumblr and Instagram are still experimental for brands, but those with plenty of compelling images have a ready-made connection. Media and fashion brands have been early adopters on those platforms, while consumer-packaged goods are mostly absent.

Maintaining a Facebook page and a Twitter handle with fresh, relevant content is a no-brainer for any brand, and repurposing that content for your Google+ page is a good hedge, because activity on the platform could eventually be baked into Google’s search rankings. Twitter also has official brand pages with a few bells and whistles, such as a customizable header image that’s available to existing advertisers. But if you’re not already spending big money on Twitter, a brand page probably shouldn’t induce you to start.

[italics are mine, and denote an excerpt from the original post]

Plain and simple, this is a useful article for anyone contemplating managing a brand online. And for many who aren’t. Just go read it. And you may want to consider making a part of your regular on-line reading list. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much quality content can be found there. My secondary recommendation for today, for some interesting reading, is this study that demonstrates the value of the color orange. Enjoy!

  1. TaxCoach permalink

    Thank you for sharing thoughts on business branding.

  2. This is a good summary of pages, apps, vendors and hashtags for the major platforms.

  3. Social media experts and non-experts caution about too much self promotion so I haven’t really developed a social media branding strategy for my business.

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