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Today’s Note: Twitter, Amex and a Really Cool Idea

March 16, 2012

Today’s Note is about an post detailing American Express’s new Twitter campaign. “Twitter Users Grab $1.3 Million in AmEx Coupons For Burgers, Gear” is well titled and discusses Amex’s new program in detail.

The essence of the program is that Amex customers sync their account to their card, then tweet about a retailer using a specific hashtag. When they do, some coupons are automatically loaded to their card and applied when they shop at that retailer. The campaign was introduced at the recent South by Southwest Interactive conference.

The article, by Kunur Patel, explores the campaign in a fair amount of detail:

AmEx pulled out all the stops to launch a new tweet-and-save program, including a free Jay-Z Amex Sync Show, to get card members connecting their accounts to Twitter. The concert got AmEx plenty of buzz, but has there been a payoff beyond press and social media chatter?

It turns out quite a few are grabbing coupons for discount burgers and iPads. Just nine days after launch, AmEx and merchant partners including McDonald’s and Best Buy have garnered more than 150,000 tweet-coupons worth more than $1.3 million in savings, according to social analytics startup Visibli, which is tracking the program.


For those who haven’t been following the AmEx chatter, here’s how it works: Cardholders sync their accounts with their Twitter handle, and when they tweet with the specified hashtags, savings are automatically loaded onto their account when they use that card at the merchant.

AmEx launched this couponless offer program for cardholders to tweet, say, #AmexMcDonalds when spending at the fast-feeder for $5 loaded directly back to their credit-card account or #AmexZappos for $10 back on the next $75 or more spent at the e-tailer.

While they can tweet and save at merchants ranging from Whole Foods Market to H&M and Virgin America, so far the favorite coupon, measured by pure volume of #AmExMcDonalds tweets, has been, in fact, for fast food. Whole Foods and Best Buy follow.

[all italics added by me to denote quotes from the original post]

The post also contains a very nice infographic that demonstrates that Amex is definitely getting mileage from its campaign.The graphic highlights 25,000+ users producing more than 300 tweets per hour. More than that, the campaign seems to be engaging customers who are not regular twitter users: “Of the tweeters claiming offers, almost 28% are completely new to Twitter and 23% had signed up before but fallen inactive before using the hashtags.”

The campaign is really cool, and the blog post covers it will. In addition to the infographic, it contains links to other coverage of the campaign. I recommend a look.


  1. Great campaign!

    • I agree. The concept is truly inspired. Finally, we’re seeing some real traction on engagement that goes beyond just outreach.

  2. Since we got our American Express card, we have saved more in recent weeks than before. It’s a bit sad that you have to have a such a high credit score and be fairly stable financially to take advantage of such savings though.

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