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Quick Note: Twitter Censorship

March 17, 2012

Today’s Quick Note links to a blog post titled “Avoid Twitter Censorship.” This article discusses various legal aspects of Twitter’s censorship policy. It also contains quite a bit of practical advise on how to manage your Twitter content in a censored environment. I don’t personally worry about being censored much, but if you live somewhere where this is an issue, the article will be useful.

The post describes its purpose as

Twitter has always had an obligation to remove illegal content; their new policy simply ensures prohibited tweets disappear only within the borders of the offended country. Offense alone also provides no grounds for removal. On its website, Twitter says it deletes tweets only after receiving “a valid and scoped request from an authorized entity.” [italics added by me to call out the quote from the original post]

This article may be more interesting than useful (at least I hope so), but interesting it is. Take a look and see what you think. According to the post, “This article was written by John Flanagan, a Vermont-based writer, film fan, and intermittent bon vivant.” [these italics preserved from article]

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