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Quick Note: Some Pinterest Advice

March 19, 2012

Pinterest continues to be a very fast growing social networking site, and one you may want to know more about. Basically, Pinterest allows users to build thematic bulletin boards of photos and “pin” them to the board. You can also follow other users and see their bulletin boards, and re-pin their photos to yours. Not surprisingly, Pinterest is developing a large following within the craft and artistic communities. Some analysts are also claiming that Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than bigger networks such as Twitter and Facebook. With all this in mind, you may be wondering how Pinterest can help you.

Writer Lisa Mason, in, has created a post with some guidance on that “As a freelance writer and social media marketer, I’m always looking for new social media sites to delve into as well as new ways to promote my digital content. Like many Internet users of the world, I quickly became hooked on Pinterest, but only recently began promoting my content using through the Pinterest network.” [all italics are added by me, to quotes from the original post]

Mason emphasizes quality in her recommendations, explaining that offering value is critical. More than that, she recommends:

The most important things to include in your submission:

  • An interesting and searchable title/headline
  • A high resolution quality image
The post also covers the mechanics of the “pin” themselves: “If you have a Pinterest plugin on the site, you can use this to easily add your content to pin boards. If not, you can submit it manually by going to your Pinterest account, selecting or creating the board it fits in and adding the article and photo. Alternatively, you can use the Pin It feature on your browser.
Finally, Mason spends some time on keywords and searching. As you probably know, making your content accessible to searches will increase its visibility greatly. The author’s observes “proper tagging will increase your chances of appearing in search and will improve your the likelihood of connecting with people who are interested in your content. Since the average user spends 15.8 minutes on the site per visit, there is quite a bit of leisure time spent on the site, which indicates heavy use of filtering features like search.”  Bringing it all together, Mason recommends combining Pinterest with another medium, like Twitter, to maximize reach of pinned content. She notes that “I have tracked these methods and experienced a noticeable increase in traffic to my digital content. As a bonus, I also Tweet the Pin to my Twitter followers shortly after I post it. You can also resurrect older articles that have been pinned by going back to your boards and re-tweeting or sharing them to Facebook again several weeks after the initial share. Repeat this process over time and you will see continued traffic to your articles that have been pinned.”
This is a very useful article if you are new to Pinterest or are looking for a way to leverage it more for content distribution or reach. I recommend a look!
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  1. Thx, great find!

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