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Quick Note: Instagram for Android

April 4, 2012

Android users have long awaited the arrival of the immensely popular iOS app, Instagram, on the Android platform. Today, Instagram went live on that platform, as reported by Instagram is a photographic tool that allows you to make interesting edits to photos taken with your phone and share them with other users across an interesting kind of photographic social network.

The CNET article starts by telling readers “First thing I need to mention is that Instagram is a lot more than just a free photo enhancement app for your phone. It connects its users to a photo-based social network that’s more than 30 million users strong. With this powerful social functionality, the app makes it incredibly easy to not just polish and share photos, but also to keep tabs on friends through the built-in Instagram photo stream. So it looks like the answer is yes, Instagram’s got a bit of Tumblr blood in it, and that’s good. ” [italics added by me to denote quotes from the article]

The article really gets to the point with this analysis of Instagram: “With a decidedly basic camera and solid, but not groundbreaking, filters, the most attractive part of the Instagram app is definitely its user community. Once signed up, you can follow other Instagram users on the Feed page and have them follow you back. You can Like photos, make comments, and even browse trending photos through the Popular on Instagram tab. From the looks of it, the community is bustling with activity and is vibrant enough for someone with just the right photography aesthetic to gain a mass following. And this, I think, is the key to Instagram’s power: the ease with which it allows its community to share and interact with each others’ photos. So, even if you don’t plan on using the built-in camera, this vibrant community alone is a good enough reason to download the app. And in any case, you can always pretty up your pics in another app and share them through Instagram.

This is a solid article, which is worth checking out. You can check out Instagram on Google Play, or at

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