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Today’s Note: A Cure for Allergies?

May 30, 2012

Today’s Quick Note refers to this Forbes Article, “Finnish Scientists Discover Vaccine To Eliminate Allergies,” which discusses a possible mechanism for nipping allergies in the bud. The article, by Forbes Author Jennifer Hicks,  who reviews the science employed by Finnish researchers to shut down allergies at the molecular level, where the immune response starts. According to Hicks, “Patients will hypothetically develop a natural immunity against each allergy they have been vaccinated for in the same manner immunity is created against infectious diseases with vaccinations.” [all italics are added by me]  Moreover, “The team, through the formation of a new bio-tech company called Desentum, hope to have the vaccine on the market within five to seven years.” In the meantime, you’ll have to keep buying tissues. Even so, it’s an interesting article and a neat concept. Give it a look.

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