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Today’s Note: More on Megaupload

May 31, 2012

Today’s Quick Note discusses Timothy Lee’s article, “Megaupload claims it is beyond the reach of US criminal law,” on

Lee writes that “Megaupload, a corporation whose file-sharing business was effectively destroyed by a January indictment, has asked a Virginia judge to dismiss the case against it. It argues that because it is not based in the United States and has no offices there, it is not subject to US criminal law.” [all italics added by me to denote quotes from the article] Moreover, Megaupload seems to be pressing the case that they can’t be brought to court because it’s effectively impossible for them to be served summons in the United States. They are asking for the case against the company to be dismissed. The payoff for this is considerable: “Megaupload attorney Ira Rothken tells Ars he believes that if the case against Megaupload is dismissed, all orders against the company—including those freezing the firm’s assets—would be vacated.

Lee goes on to discuss several other interesting elements of the legal case against the corporation. This article is well worth a quick read. Timothy Lee can be followed on twitter at @binarybits.

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