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Quick Note: Most Popular Posts This Week

June 19, 2012

Today’s Note recaps the most viewed older posts over the past week. I found it interesting that many of the posts on the list are as much as six months old. I hope you enjoy these older posts!

Today’s Note: Designing a Customer Experience8 views

This very sharp article, then, explores the task of designing a customer experience. I have to admit, this is something I have rarely considered. Anyone who has ever been to a Disney property knows they do it well, but it may seem more art than science.

Quick Note: Social Networks in the Work Place2 views

Today’s Quick Note is about social networks in the work place. Written by Lisa Bonner, guest blogging at, “Employee Social Network Brings Employees Closer Together” is a very brief and down to earth testimonial of the power of digital engagement, and a very different take on the subject.

Quick Note: Digital Brand Building Tip1 views

Today’s Quick Note covers an article in Advertising Age’s digital edition The online post, titled “Five Important Social-Media Tips to Boost Your Brand,” addresses several key elements of building a brand online using social media tools. This post is brief, succinct and useful.

Quick Note: Is the NBA More Consistent Than the NFL?1 views

A discussion about a blog post that compares season-to-season predictability of athlete performance. This post, by Dave Berri, is titled “Talent Evaluation is Different in the NFL and NBA.”

Today’s Note: The Indianapolis Super Bowl’s Social Media Command Center, Debriefed1 views

Several Notes have covered many aspects of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. One key Note highlighted the fact that the event would be among the first to feature a facility dedicated to making social media an integral part of the community support network.

Quick Note: Interesting Piece on Dan Rather1 views

This Note is about an interesting article on Dan Rather.

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